As a Coach, I help clients integrate who they really are with what they long to do in the world. As a Professional Coach, I support the development of the whole person (mind, body and spirit) and the discovery of tools and resources to support total wellness and life satisfaction.

As an Professional Certified Coach, I am credentialed by the International Coach Federation (ICF)and, as such, have gone through a rigorous examination of my knowledge and ability to coach clients. I adhere to the International Coach Federation Code of Ethics.

I’ve had a variety of professional opportunities in my life, but my favorite work has been with people. But I moved around a lot and couldn’t complete my degree for a long time. So, as a 32-year-old non-traditional student, I completed a BS degree in Psychology with a concentration in Gerontology.  I threw myself into my courses, soaking up every ounce of information put in front of me.  Balancing parenting with college was tough but I persevered, graduating at the top of my class.  I pursued a career in the field of child advocacy, working with victims of child abuse for nine years.  I facilitated groups and workshops, spoke at conferences and taught parenting classes.  Eventually, I became the Executive Director of a nonprofit organization.  My skills broadened to include nonprofit management, leadership development, grant writing, board training, and resource development. I learned so much during this time and loved the work and the people I met along the way.

On August 29th, 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck my Gulf Coast home.  In the aftermath, I realized that I would have to grieve over the losses and face new challenges.  We set out to rebuild the home that filled with 5 feet of water and learned to live with only the essentials.  We found a new appreciation for basic things like electricity and a kitchen sink.  We grew stronger and more determined to survive.

After rebuilding our home, however, I found myself in a rut.  I was going through the motions, busying my life again with work and other commitments that seemed rote and rushed.  I wasn’t excited about anything anymore.  Overwhelmed and suffering the after effects of the trauma, I barely got the basics accomplished.  I knew that I wasn’t depressed – I was just stuck!  Energy and passion for living a rich life were gone.  I stopped growing and moving forward.

It was then that I was introduced to coaching and hired my own coach.  I read everything I could and worked hard to develop a strong personal foundation.  I removed the things that I was tolerating and began to live more mindfully.  In short, I began to thrive!  My life now had purpose and meaning again, and I felt renewed and refreshed.  Along with this passion came a desire to share coaching with other women who were merely surviving.  I started coursework at Coach U and created 4 Elements Coaching to help women move from surviving to thriving.

Today I am better than ever before!  Coaching has changed my life and my work completely. I still have challenges and difficult days. But I’ve learned internal processes and external practices that help me to change my relationship to the conditions of my life, whatever they might be. My vision is clear and my belief in myself is totally different than it was before I was introduced to human development principles and practices.

I am a Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer and PRINT® Coach.  I am also a Certified Mentor Coach, Certified Team Coach and TILT 365 Practitioner. My approach to coaching is to see the whole you – strengths, values, needs, beliefs and passions – in order to design an environment that is aligned with your authentic self.

I am a credentialed Professional Certified Coach and member of the ICF. I am also on the Leadership Team for inviteCHANGE, one of the oldest coach training organizations accredited by the ICF.  I value the coaching industry and the continuous development of myself as a person and a professional coach.

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