Coaching is an investment in your current and future success. The process takes time and growth occurs both during and between sessions.  In order to experience the most benefit from individual coaching sessions, I recommend that you begin by committing to at least a three month period of coaching.

A variety of assessments are available, including a Tilt365 True Tilt Personality Profile, a Positive Influence Predictor or a Team Agility Predictor. I believe in these assessments as they look at who you are naturally, what happens when you are stressed and how to adjust to meet the expectations of your current experiences and relationships. I am not a fan of assessments that label someone and assume there is no change possible. We are humans living a human experience and, as such, must be agile to adapt to changes.

Ongoing teleclasses introducing various assessments, training topics, and other materials are available. Many of these offerings are free or low cost. Complete the Contact Us form to be placed on the mailing list and notified of upcoming events.

Complimentary sessions are always available and create the ideal opportunity to discover if coaching is right for you. Call 228-437-5747 or email to receive your complimentary session or to discuss your coaching or training needs.

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