Resisting Blogging

I have resisted creating a blog for over a year now. I have nothing against a blog. In fact, I am an avid reader and appreciate the way blogs have elevated writers to the top of their field, helped politicians get elected, and informed people about things that would otherwise have remained completely under the radar. Blogs have the power to change my little piece of the world in so many ways. So why the resistance?

To be effective, blogging requires commitment. I reasoned that I would need fresh and frequent ideas. I must provide value to the reader or I will go against the grain of my authentic self. Putting myself out there in blogspace a couple of times a week frightens me a bit. And who am I to think that I can stand laptop to laptop with the likes of Havi Brooks?

And lest we forget, there’s a learning curve associated with blogging and I’m not sure I’m up to it. Tags, trackbacks, pings, nested pages – yes, one of my top strength themes is Learner but I’m not sure I want to learn this stuff. It seems tedious somehow – too far from my right brain tendencies.

But I find myself at a crossroads. I am ready to coach full time. I crave opportunities to write, share, and create¬†community. I have launched a project that will push me beyond my current boundaries and take me to a new place.¬† In short, I am turning down a different path on this walk through the woods and I’d like to carry on with a blog for this leg of the journey.

It may be one of my roads less traveled but I think it has the power to change my life in a profound and empowering way and maybe add value to yours in the process.

So, lets give it a go, shall we?