I am on a continuous awareness journey around strengths, both my own and the strengths of my clients who often hire me to discover what they want to be when they grow up. I have this desire for people to connect with work that makes them come alive. And, I have a desire to connect people with people, forming community and building on the collaborative strengths so that we effect change in our own backyards, oceans, cities and burgs.

Today, I had a conversation with a fellow coach who really gets this about me – that inner desire that I have for products, ideas, people, tweets, pages and colors to connect and join with each other in a way that brings beauty or brilliance to the world.  In fact, she and I connected through our mutual love and respect of Seth Godin and the upcoming Linchpin meetups. (And here, because of my love of connections, I must digress and inform you that if you’d like to participate in a meetup in your community, go to and search Linchpin). I’m not sure that connectedness is just a strength of mine – I think it’s a way of being.

So here are a few additional connections I’ve made lately that bring me joy.

  • A set of green, battery free speakers that connect to your iPod –
  • A book that connects women to their inner, authentic self and how that self relates to food and God – Women Food and God by Geneen Roth
  • A man who connects you to Community – Peter Block
  • Jewelry that connects you to your energy muse –
  • MS Coaches Association – a group of coaches in Mississippi who connect regularly
  • Our local Main Street Association that drives business to our Main Street shops
  • Carolyn Haines, Alice Jackson, Virginia Schaefer and others who contributed to Delta Blues or helped promote it. (which also connected me to the knowledge that Alice and Mary Perkins are quite possibly as fascinated with the Kennedy assassination as I am!)

What a tapestry of connections I could weave here for you. Suffice it to say, I love the magic that happens when people meet, talk, share, tweet, create and explore.

So you know what would make me happy? Share your connections with me here so that I can make even more interesting connections that will change my little world in amazing ways.