Summer of Self Care – Day 6

Dance Break

Day 6 of our Sumer of Self Care involves doing a little dancing. Are you game?

Have you ever watched someone dance for fun, even if just for a few seconds, and laughed out loud? In any given day, at least one video of someone dancing pops across my social media feed and it usually makes me smile.

But what makes me smile even more is when I take a few moments to dance in my kitchen or my office. It’s a great way of taking a break and I can’t help but smile while I am doing it! One of the best ways to spend my time is dancing with my granddaughter. Her enthusiasm for dance is contagious and I can’t help but smile when I try my hip-hop moves!

So, today’s prompt is take a dance break. Use your hip-hop moves! Or a little contemporary jazz. Or create your own unique style. Find a song you love to dance to.  Or if you’re clueless, Spotify has a playlist called “Songs to Dance To When You’re Home Alone.” There are 81 songs on this playlist!!

You could dance once a day for 81 days and never repeat a song!

In case you were wondering, my quick, tried and true go to song in a pinch is Happy by Pharrell Williams. It’s on my iPhone, iPad and in iTunes. So I can access it any moment when I need to dance it out.

So, go do a little Happy Dance! Or maybe 2 or 3 or 81!

My granddaughter Kandyce doing her dab.

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