Summer of Self Care – Day 7

A Lucky Day for Self Care 

Today is 7/7 – if you think 7 is a lucky number, you must be loving 7/7/17!

Today is the day for you to make a few lists that contain 7 things each. These lists belong to you – not to someone else in your family. Don’t “should on yourself” either. Only things you want to list, not those things you think you should write down.

Here we go –

  • List seven things that contribute to a great Life
  • List seven easy things you’d like to do today 
  • List seven of your favorite movies (this one is especially important to a future prompt)
  • List seven things you wish you had time or could make time to do 
  • Make up your own list of seven – whatever comes to mind 

Now, you decide whether you want to do one or more of those seven easy things you listed for today. Or you could watch one of your seven favorite movies or schedule something you want to make time to do.

But, we’re not quite done.

Next step is to go to this website.







Write yourself a short note reminding you about the summer of self care that prompted you to create these lists. You might want to jot down a few things  that are going on for you right now. Or what you hope you will be feeling or doing a year from now. Congratulate yourself for going beyond the 30 days of self care, if that’s your intention,  and making yourself a priority for an entire year.

Then set it to be delivered back to your email on 7/7/18.

This email a year from now will remind you of a few things:

  1. Self care is so important to you today you that are spending at least 30 days on it.
  2. Where are you in the list of things that contribute to your great life?
  3. What movie do you want to watch a year from now?
  4. What did you make time for that you really wished you could do?
  5. Maybe it’s time to bring a bit more self care back into your life.
  6. What else was important to you today?

I think writing letters to your future self is fun and illuminating. Feel free to use this resource any day you feel like it would be valuable to you.

Finally, for extra credit,come back to this post on 7/7/18 and comment on your experience.


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